How Video Can Help You Cut Through the Digital Noise

Ding! Your phone goes off, an Instagram notification reads “Jessica liked your picture”. Without the patience to use a passcode you unlock your phone with touch or face ID. As you breeze through your feed an ad might catch your eye before *ding!* a message from “Mark” pops up on your screen. Before you know it you are sucked into your phone, spending an endless amount of time scrolling through notifications without really occupying yourself at all.

In this technological day and age, we are bombarded with constant alerts, messages and ads. We are flooded with constant distractions and because of this, our attention spans are wavering. According to a study conducted by Microsoft Corp., people lose concentration after roughly eight seconds as a result of being “distracted by multiple streams of media”.

Microsoft’s theory is that our brain has the ability to adapt itself over time and a weakening attention span could be the outcome of being exposed to an over abundance of media.

What does this mean for businesses who are trying to capture the attention of their audiences?

It’s time to be engaging.

It’s becoming increasingly important to capture and hold your audience's attention. An effective way to do so is through video presentations; a medium proven to cut through the digital noise.

Our brains are programmed to retain visual content.

According to a variety of studies, the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched and only 10% when it is read. Additionally, research has shown that users spend 88% more time on a website that has video, essentially due to its eye-catching qualities.

GroupStar can visually revolutionise your company’s messages and nurture an engaging connection between you and your audiences. Whether its for product marketing, sales enablement, channel marketing or internal communications, GroupStar works with you to generate a powerful video experience.


So get your phones out. Lights, camera… and start shooting with GroupStar!

Written By Morgan Venn, Content Marketing Specialist at GroupStar

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