Telling Your Brand’s Story Through Video

In our modern world we are surrounded by technology and bombarded with media. Because of this, traditional methods in brand development have become less successful. As people consume and create content at lightning speed, how can brands cut through the senseless noise and truly capture their audiences’ attention?

A company’s presence needs to be seen. Video can transform your brand’s story by providing visual dialogue in a fresh, engaging way.

When it comes down to producing a video of your own using GroupStar, we will guide you through the process and highlight key aspects you should pay close attention to.

The first important thing to note is that you need to focus on the aspect of your brand that you wish to showcase. This means coming up with a narration that you think is pivotal in capturing people’s attention. This can be anything from your company’s journey, the stories of your employees or even your company mission statement. The crucial thing is to concentrate on a focal point of discussion and take it from there.


Secondly make sure that your video embodies your brand’s values. Make your brand’s energy felt through upbeat music, captivating animations and special effects curated at the hands at our editors.

Lastly, use authentic footage captured by the people at your company for “face to face” interaction with your audience. GroupStar allows you to self record on your own time and by your own means, allowing for you to personally perfect your production. This features adds a sense of human touch, making your brand approachable and friendly in a world where screens are the new face.

Written By Morgan Venn, Content Marketing Specialist at GroupStar

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