The Importance of Face in Video

People are highly attuned to faces.

From the moment we are born to the moment we die we are immersed in human interaction. As social creatures we have specialized neural circuits in an area of the brain known as the fusiform gyrus or fusiform face area (FFA), that are hardwired to seek out and respond to faces.

Take a look at these two pictures.


It probably didn't take any time at all for your eyes to instantly be drawn to faces in both scenes, this is because our FFA gives us the power find faces in patterns or amongst clutter. When a face is found in a setting, your FFA lights up and drives your attention towards it. But besides from instantly grabbing out attention, faces posses another important attribute: they establish a sentiment of genuine human connection.

Use Face in your Videos to Feel Familiar and Genuine

If you wish to build authenticity, having members be the face of your productions will strengthen the bond viewers feel to the person talking. It can help build an organic connection with your audience overtime, as an audience member’s repeated exposure to the same individuals will establish a positive sense of familiarity. So why don’t more people use face in their videos? Some people are shy when it comes to seeing themselves on camera, others don’t know how to get their video production just right.

This is where GroupStar comes in.

We work with you to integrate human connection into your business using videos customised to your specific use case. We help you establish that initial bond with your audience by making it easier for you to record yourself and your colleagues. Through us, you can engage your audience- minus all the setbacks.

Written By Morgan Venn, Content Marketing Specialist at GroupStar

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