Video Story Types

Using our Storybuilder, transform knowledge into engaging, snackable video stories that deliver results. Select the path that aligns with your goals and begin your journey.


Gain support for an initiative

Establish support and advocacy for your product or initiative by highlighting corporate issues, demonstrating impact and importance of an initiative and mapping out community profiles

A short 2-3 minute video covering a small topic or event in a concise fashion
An emotionally driven narrative focusing on a single person or group of people to get a point across

Educate an audience

Deliver informative content that enhances your audience’s knowledge of a particular topic through expert tutorials or easy to follow step-by-step guides

Create video content for problems commonly encountered by your customers. Leverage your advocate network to have them create this content using our platform
A personalized demonstration of a product or service in action to provide viewers with a better understanding of the functionality of what is being showcased
This video creates a high level pitch for your product. It shows off how your product works, solves problems and benefits multiple parties

Document a protocol or event

Create lasting video documentation of new protocols across your organization or highlights of key achievements from company initiatives

Newscasting style that follows a reporter in motion as they cover a story
summarize the key achievements and results of an event. What kind of impact it had, and the people who attended it

Showcase benefits of my brand

Highlight the features of your products and services that provide true value to your customers in a quick and snappy production, or a more in depth look into a detailed offering

Show off a physical product, including its features and functions, with this video
A video featuring a key brand influencer who will promote and support the brand message in the content they produce
Use this video to show off the culture of your company to new or potential employees

Build credibility and authority

Utilize professional opinions and expert advice to bolster credibility and establish authority in the field your organization occupies

Capture the voice of an individual who can share their expertise in a particular subject or field
Collect content from credible sources who are able to provide an educated opinion on an industry they work in

Evaluate a product or service

Provide objective critiques of various products and services. Especially useful for emerging technologies, products with many comparables, and services with different tiers of quality

Show off a physical product, its pros and cons, and even a side-by-side comparison of it and another product
An objective overview of a specific process and its purpose in an organization, highlighting its pros and cons

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Video Story”?

A Video Story is a sequence of video clips put together, coupled with other creative elements like audio and titles.  Together, these video clips have a narrative that communicates your message. 

What is a “StoryBuilder”?

StoryBuilder is our web-based platform that allows users to plan out a video story in a structured manner. Using guiding questions for directing the video clips you want contributors to capture, clips can then be reviewed and downloaded for use in post-production.

What is a “Video Clip”?

Video Clips are the short, individual videos gathered for a project. Instead of using a camera crew to capture video, contributors will capture footage themselves or with a partner using the GroupStar app on their smartphones. These responses will be pushed to the online platform for future review and approval.

What does “Assembling Outputs” mean?

Assembling Outputs is the process of reviewing, approving or rejecting clips, and downloading them for use in post-production. At this point clips can be trimmed and stitched together to create a final cut of a project.

Who are “Contributors”?

Contributors the people invited to a GroupStar project who capture footage to add to the project. They are supplied with questions and requests for what clips to film from the director of the Story Builder.