How our customers are using GroupStar

Read how we’ve helped some of the largest organizations become successful with personal video messages.

Internal Communications:
Keep globally distributed staff connected and engaged by transforming memos into impactful video messages.

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Customer Testimonials:
Build trust and credibility with prospects by showcasing personal success stories of satisfied clients.

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Event Communications:
Drive signups and awareness of your event through a personal video invitation by your speakers.

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Sales Enablement:
Increase message retention by delivering complex, technical concepts in a visually engaging manner.

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Personal Introduction:
Connect with key clients and strengthen relationships with a memorable video introduction.

Monthly Outlook:
Drive appointments and report downloads by delivering your outlook summary via a personal video.

Recruitment Campaigns:
Attract talent by showcasing personal stories, team culture, and exciting daily happenings.

Training and Certification:
Summarize key training points into short videos that can be viewed by mobile staff on-the-go.