Website Tutorial for GroupStar

Getting Started First log into your account on our web platform using the username and password that was emailed to you.     On this platform you will be able to select a template from our list of over 20 storyboards designed for the most common business video needs. You can then customize the template to fit your business specifically. If … Read More

App tutorial for contributors

Using the app is fast and easy.  Once contributors accept your invitation, they just follow the prompts provided in the template, where your storyboard has been overlaid onto their mobile camera to ensure correct content.  Then either you or your contributors can begin recording your designated clips!   Recording Your Clip Once recording begins you will see icons down the … Read More

GroupStar General Use Cases

What Can You Use GroupStar For? With the wide range of video templates and the endless possibilities of the storyboards you can create from blank slates, the uses of GroupStar are actually infinite! As you use our video producer you will quickly be turned into a professional storyteller for your company. However, to save your imagination some hard work, we … Read More

Privacy Policy

April 5, 2017 This Privacy Policy covers the collection and use of data by PrecisionBit and our Partners. For more information, including about our Partners, please see the Terms of Service. About us We, PrecisionBit Pte. Ltd, are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. This Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) details the steps we take to protect your personal … Read More