About GroupStar.

Our Mission

Revolutionizing the way companies use video to inform and engage.

GroupStar has emerged as one of the fastest growing video content creation platforms for Enterprises. Corporations across Asia are using GroupStar to transform the way that they consume and communicate information with colleagues, business partners or customers.

In the past, video production tools and processes were incapable of delivering the flexibility & convenience required to be practical for a modern, global workforce. With a mobile-savvy workforce and a proprietary technology platform, GroupStar makes it easy to capture engaging business communications on our smartphones and share it with anyone around the world.

With GroupStar, convert anyone in your community to a professional video storyteller without equipment or crew, anywhere they are in the world at any time of the day. Our platform can scale to be used for a small team in a single office to a large team distributed all around the world.

About PrecisionBit

In 2015, PrecisionBit was formed to solve the challenges faced by corporations in communicating to a new generation of employees.
Backed by Telstra, Australia’s Leading Telco, PrecisionBit continues to focus on bringing innovative solutions to market using a customer-first approach

Our management and advisory team includes an extensive list of experts with years of experience under their belts in the areas of Internet, enterprise software solutions, online video, communications, and marketing.

Ria Lao

CEO of PrecisionBit

Ria is a seasoned product marketer and experienced entrepreneur. Ria was an Entrepreneur in Residence with Rocket Internet’s first Zalora venture in Southeast Asia, where she built up and headed Online Buying and Category Management growing revenues from zero to $4MM at an exponential pace. Before Zalora, she was a Product Marketer with P&G and L’Oreal in Canada.