Meet GroupStar.

Deliver your story in an impactful and collaborative way.

We make it easy for organizations and their distributed teams to create high-impact business video using an online storyboarding platform, a mobile capture app and an editing service. Package and deliver informational content in a new way by going beyond traditional tools like Powerpoint, sales emails and memos.

A collaborative video production solution for organizations and their distributed teams

1. Build a story with templates

Build a high-impact story using customizable storyboard templates via our web-based Storybuilder. These templates are designed by professionals, and help you organize your message in an impactful way. Translate content into scripts, questions, and head positions which get pushed as creative guidelines to contributors’ smartphones.

2. With a single tap, turn any smartphone into a remote production studio

Our GroupStar app turns your colleagues, customers and partners into your professional spokespersons and videographers by transforming their smartphone into a remote production studio that you control. Your creative guidelines are automatically overlaid onto their mobile cameras during filming, to guide their messaging and delivery. Allow them to record their piece in their own time, anywhere they are in the world.

3. Upload and review clips from your smartphone

Contributors upload clips from the app for your immediate review – no need for a laptop or Dropbox. Review clips submitted by remote colleagues as they are created in real time.

4. Receive a professional edit

A dedicated editor then begins stitching approved clips together, or opt to use our online editing tool for simple projects.

Show, don’t tell. Go beyond Powerpoint, sales emails and memos.

For Teaching

Explainer videos for sales enablement, training, onboarding

    For Selling

    Videos for product launches, new releases, marketing campaigns

      For Influencing

      Videos for annual wrap-ups, testimonials, CSR programs, recruitment